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~勇気は、きっと叶えてくれる~美の国と言われるダルハイン国、平和に国を治めていたアラクサ王のもとで、善政を行っていた魔法使いたち。 ところがある日、天から降ってきた謎の光とともに、すべての魔法使いが猫に変身させられてしまう。さらに行われる魔法への圧政。なぜこのような悪夢が始まったのか?この世界の命運は、かつて東の大魔法使いと呼ばれ今はただのネコと化した『ギー』に託された! 希望に満ちた世界を取り戻すためギーとその仲間たちの長い長い冒険の旅が始まる・・ wizards that courage was carrying out good government under Arak king that was governing country the dalheim countries called-state of beauty, peacefully will fulfill surely. By contrast, in one day, as well as light of mystery that has fallen from heaven, all wizards are transformed into cat. Tyranny to magic that is performed in addition. The fate of the world wh ynightmare such as hip began?, were entrusted to guy that he was called the Wizard of Higashi mores will become just a cat once ! As world that was full of hope is back, quest with long Guy and the fellow pl begins