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百人殺したら、またお母さんに逢わせてあげるよ。と地獄の魔王に告げられた魔夜子。究極のいじめられっ子・素之子と、彼女を庇う織田君は、学園の皆から悪魔扱いされて、追い詰められていた。もう命を奪いたくないと悩む魔夜子は、二人を救えるのか?御茶漬海苔ホラーの最高傑作、最大の佳境へ――!!「地獄ガム」以下「地獄キップ」「地獄日記2」「地獄裁判」「地獄の針山」「地獄の閻魔」「地獄の拷問」「地獄の学校1」「地獄の学校2」を収録。 When 100 kill, also, bite off mother. Mayoko that it was told Satan of in and hell. Oda you that her ultimatum are bullies, Yukiko AND is from all of the school devil treatment, and was been driven into a corner. Mayoko that afflicted with do not want took no Mikoto again, save 2 masterpiece of?-chazuke seaweed horror, to the most interesting part of maximum recording--! ! "hell gums" following "hell kip" "Hell diary 2" "hell court" "infernal pincushion" "infernal Enma" "tortures of hell" "infernal School 1" "infernal School 2".