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夏の甲子園出場をかけた予選・決勝に、とんでもない高校が勝ち上がってきた。今年創立されたばかりの全員一年生チームの緑山高校。怪物・二階堂を筆頭に、個性豊かというか、チーム・ワーク無視の目立ちたがり屋軍団。試合中も喧嘩してばかりだった。優勝候補の神堂高校と、1対1のまま延長16回の表、3ランを打たれる二階堂だが、最後花岡が暴走的ランニング・ホームランでサヨナラ勝ち。甲子園出場を決めた。 In eliminations and finals that pressured summer Koshien participation, have won high school outrageous. Full freshman team just Mt. Midorisan high school of that founded this year. It is said that character rich monster and Shine NIKAIDO, or attic army wants teams work ignore. It was quarrel in game, too. It is nikaido that is taken by table of extension 16 times, 3 runs the championship candidate-do Hall High School and 1-1, but the inside-the-park home run with runaway ends Hanaoka goodbye wins. Determined Koshien participation. In Koshien, nikaido that control is not fixed is the first time four points, but later continue 0 seals. In nikaido, only strikeout record was targets. In sweltering hot weather, counterattack Midoriyama height?