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東都大学リーグ一部入りをかけた試合で、緑山大学野球部の1年生エース・堂田万太郎は、ノーヒット・ノーランを達成しかけていた。ところが4球を連発して満塁。次の打者をピッチャー・フライに打ち取ったと思ったのに、先走って喜んだ万太郎が落球。逆転で負けてしまった。落胆して帰ってきた野球部員達に待っていたのは、野球部廃止の通告。2部に降格とあっては、学校側も愛想をつかしたわけだった。就職活動を考え始めた万太郎たちだが、そこへゴルフ部の監督・五島が勧誘に来る。 In game that pressured league Azuma university part enters, the first graders Ace Doda Mantaro of Midoriyama University Baseball Club, was mounting achieved no-hit no-run. By contrast, 4 balls are repeating the bases. I thought that the followed retire a batter on his third pitcher-fly, but be impertinent, and delighted Mantaro ranges falling balls. If you lit is reversed. Have you been waiting for me in school baseball team, came home disappointed, and notification of the baseball team was abolished. The demotion, school amiably in Part 2, too. It is started Mantaro, but director goto of golf department comes to solicitation to it, considering job hunting. He was son Joukou Tatsumi of pro golfers that it was protecting first that was voiced on. "Vol.1" following "Vol.2" "Vol.3" "Vol.4" "Vol.5" "Vol.6" "Vol.7" "Vol.8" "Vol.9" "Vol.10".