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世間知らずな野生児・おにーさんこと国宝憲一(こくほう・けんいち)と、個性的な仲間達が巻き起こすドタバタな大騒動を描いたファミリーギャグコメディ。父親の不注意で川に流された幼児の国宝健一は、山奥で暮らす空手家のじいさんに拾われて野生児として育てられる。その13年後、本当の家族がいると知らされた健一は、山を下りて都会へやってくるのだが……!? Family gag comedy that a naive wild child and rice-san that national treasure Ken " ichi(body and ) and drawing, distinctive company friended slapstick cause. National treasure kenichi of infant that was discharged into river in paternal neglect is nurtured as the wild child was picked up by old karate who live in bosom of the mountains. After the 13years, kenichi that true family was advised and comes from mountain, and come up to city?