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悪名高い不良中・木曽中学校に転校してきた赤城忠治は、ケンカの強い元気な少年。クラスメイトから、その強さを見込まれ、いじめグループの番長連合退治を頼まれる。一度は断ったものの、彼らの行動を見るに見かねて全員を叩きのめす。やがて事態は収束に向かい始めるが、彼らの背景に居る黒幕・影の大番長が現われ―――。 Akagi chuji that has been transferred to the notorious poor medium and Kiso junior high schools ranges boys with strong lively fight. Expected my classmates, strong the, and he was asked to be topped cat union hunt of bullying group. 1 degree declined, but to see their actions, and all the members female of clapping. Situation begins to turn to convergences over time, but mastermind shadow Ooban chief that is in their backgrounds comes along.