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人生の目的とは何か、幸せとは何か、生きがいとか何か。永遠にして最も難しいテーマについてヒントを与えてくれる、心暖まる作品。──青木ゆきは風俗嬢。風変わりなおじいさんとの出会いをきっかけに絵を描き始めるが、下手な絵しか描けない。しかも彼女の絵を見て激怒する人さえいた。しかし彼女の才能を見込む人も現れて……。上手い絵とは、下手な絵とは、才能の有無とは、いったい何なのか? 悩める人におすすめです。 What is purposes of a life, happiness and what something or worth livings. Hacking as eternity, and provide clue about difficult themes extremely, work warming up heart. Aoki(the Fushimi port park) is at manners miss. Meetings with eccentric grandfather begin to be painted pictures on the trigger, but only does not picture badly. In addition, people whom the angry of her pictures seen was even. However, people appear, too, whom her talent is anticipated. Good picture, what would be talent or not and poor picture really? It is recommended for suffering people.