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不滅のプロレス王者ルー・テーズが日本に伴ってきたアマレスの天才少年・リッキー大和。テーズはNWA、AWA、WWFのプロレス三大タイトルを、リッキーに獲らせることが夢だと語った。女好きでお調子者のリッキーは、到着した空港で怪力プロレスラー・ゴリラーマンとひと悶着。その後日本プロレス界の生みの親・力王岩の十六回忌特別試合に出現。ゴリラーマンに襲われた花束嬢の菊奴を救う。テーズはリッキーを力王岩の息子だと明かした。菊奴目当てに日本に残ることを決めたリッキーは、ジャイアント馬場の元へ。 Ama-less the boy wonder Ricky Daiwa that immortal professional wrestling king Lou Thesz came down accompanied by Japan. "It is dream that professional wrestling 3 major titles for NWA, AWA, WWF, to catch et al Ricky", Thesz said. Ricky of flip is at superhuman strength professional wrestlers gollarman and trouble in arrived airport in spoony. Since then the 16 death anniversary special events of creator power king rocks of fields Japan pro-wrestling. Missing posy the Kiku that was seized with gollarman is saved. Thesz gave out Ricky being power king rocks son. Originals of giants Baba to. Ricky that determined staying in Japan in Kiku eye cup. The days, narsis that becomes chief rivals of Ricky, were appeared in the Japan accompanied by Carl Gotti. Pasturage typhoon Ricky of a reply of thrilling professional pro wrestling great work of admit