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海が好きで、いつか水平線を目指すと誓ったリョオ。暴走族とバイクで競っても、喧嘩をやっても優っている。名家のお嬢様立原さやかが暴走族に襲われているのを助け、互いに好意を持つが、さやかの両親は大反対。さやかには親の決めた許婚・貴之がおり、行動の自由もなかった。またリョオに身体を張って暴走族から抜けさせてもらって、それ以来心を寄せるもとレディースのリエが、さやかに嫉妬。また暴走族の『デリンジャー』に戻ってしまう。貴之は『デリンジャー』のヘッド・剣崎に、リョオの始末を頼んだ。配下の江田たちは、リエにそその Like sea, and lyotov that at some point horizontal line swore it is aimed at. Even if even if competing in motorcycle gang and bike, quarrel is deceived, surpass. Princessing Tachihara Sayaka of distinguished family is hit by a motorcycle gang is assisted, and have favor to each other, but parent-Sayaka ranges big stink. Fiance Takayuki that parent did not decide for Sayaka ', and there is freedom of action, too. Also, physical stretch on lyotov, and is gotten them out of the motorcycle gangs, the original ladies leaf that mind since received, jealousy Sayaka. Also, be regained in Dellinger " motorcycle gangs. Takayuki to headed Dillinger's ", please dispose of settlement of lyotov. Goudas; by being enticed by Rie kidnapping Sayaka. I used names of, and recalled lyotov.