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奇才・ラズウェル細木が寿司の魅力について語り尽くし、時には自分で寿司を握って美味さを探求するグルメエッセイコミック! 回転寿司の今昔、持ち帰り寿司でかなえる夢、ちらしと握りはどっちがお得? 寿司ネタにひと手間かける「仕事」をラズウェル流でしてみたら? など、より美味しくお寿司を食べられる一冊です! とてもためになる旅行体験記も収録! Genius Lasswell hosoki does talks about the charm of sushi, and make sushi for themselves at the time, and comics gourmet essays that explores delicacy Dream that satisfy is past and present of rotating sushi, takeout sushi, grip by either? "Job" that is applied to sushi materials times I in Lasswell flow? ! is 1 that delicious way to is enjoyed sushi since, etc Travel reports of experiences that it are because in very much are used for recording, too