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真吾は新任教師・一条優子にひと目ボレ。真吾はクラス旅行の最中、優子の口づけの水分補給を受け、その想いが一気に加速。禁断&感動の愛のスト-リー!男子中学生・吾妻真吾の波乱に満ちた中学時代を描いた青春ラブストーリー。吾妻コンツェルンの息子でありながらもイタズラばかりの毎日を送っていた。そんなある日、赴任したばかりの美しき女教師・一条優子を転ばせてパンティの柄をチェックした真吾だったが、優子は涙を流して教室を飛び出してしまい……!? Shingo is at glance bore in new teachers Ichijo Yuko. Shingo has midst of class travel, kiss water of Yuko hydration, and is at accelerate at once. Youths love story that pictured junior high school age that was filled with storm of love strike Lee ! junior high school students Azuma Shingo high school boys of withdrawal & excitement. I Sending every day just in Azuma Konzern son, even though it is a prank. Certain days, assigned the only beautiful creature teachers Ichijo Yuko was Shingo that the panties pattern was checked to fall, but Yuko weeps, and is shut, flying out classroom?