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Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji

Naruto", "One Piece", "Bleach", these are the genre of" ShonenManga". These Manga is a category primarily for boys in Japan. So, everyone, do you know that there is a genre called "Seinen Manga"? In Japan, manga is a category primarily for adults. Rather than in the world of "Shonen Manga" of "victory", "friendship","effort",Like a movie, that there is a "Manga" in-depth the "dark side", which is the inner surface of the human I want you to know by all means to you. This is an adult read Authentic MANGA. Please read the world of "KAIJI" which sold over 19 million in japan. "Story" KAIJI Ito had spent every day is a reprobate, a debt imposed by Endo,financiers, had become his guarantor once one day. Get into the "Espoir" gambling ship that gives you a chance to disclosure of debt repayment debt to the person to be invited to Endo. Being done there is "limited Janken (rock-paper-scissors)" with 12 play cards. Debt cancellation but if you win well, that was a guarantee of life loses it... not.