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「タイマン張ったらダチ」――。あの名台詞とともに帰ってきた森陽一(もり・よういち)と秋葉瞬(あきば・しゅん)。最強のふたりが、今度は極道界で大暴れする!! 先代組長・岡村(おかむら)が殺され、慈幸(じこう)が組長となった飴(あめ)組は、店から法外なみかじめ料を取ろうとしていた。先代組長から盃を受けた森は、そんなやり方に納得できず、飴組を辞めていく。そして店側の味方となった森が目障りとなった慈幸たちが、森へと向けた殺し屋とは秋葉だった。再会を果たした森と秋葉は、極道大学組を設立する! When Thai man, my buddy"-- Forest yoichi(harpoon Youichi) and Akiba Toki(Akiba moment) that has gotten back with names the words. The strongest two people, incorporates a rampage in profligate boundary ! ! only just in time The former leader Okamura(Kamura) was killed, and candy(candy) group that brought jikou(this) to leader was reaching for inordinate protection charge from store. Forest that had cup from the former leader can not be satisfied with that way, leaving candy. And, forest that shot to stores side of the side killer that jikous that shot to eyesores was directed into the forest in Akiba. Forest and Akiba that had reunion establishes profligate university group