Created by Graham Riley

Back-2-Work: Maxmimizing the Effectiveness of your Job Search Process Articals

This collection of articals is designed to help individuals articulate, present and market the “value” of their services to hiring managers and organizations, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of their job search process. Readers will benefit from reviewing these materials if they: * Have not conducted a job search in the new economy * Are unfamiliar with today’s job market * Are unclear on how to start their job search * Have no resume * Are not happy with their current resume * Have multiple versions of their resume * Are frustrated with the progress they have made * Are getting multiple interviews but no job offers Back-2-Work breaks down the job search into a five step process that guides the individual through the job search process in a structured, informed, efficient and logical manner. The five steps include: 1. Establishing your value: "Elevator pitch" 2. Creating marketing materials: Resume and cover letter(s) 3. Marketing material distribution: Job sites, headhunters, web-based services 4. Networking: Selling your services 5. Closing the deal: Interview preparation, execution, review and next steps For additional information please visit: Topics covered: job search counseling, career coaching, job transition, job search support, resume writing, cover letter writing, resume distribution, resume referrals, interview preparation and role play