Created by Theresa-Ann

Playing with Perspective

Life, and how it's lived, the quality and even the joy of it, is all about vision; about perspective. The very same thing can happen to twins, and yet each of them will have a private, a different view of it; they look at it differently. Perspective, or vision, is immensely powerful. Though we don't fully know it, yet, consciously, we are powerful creators. As more and more of us awaken from what has been the dream of 3D, and into the higher dimensions, we discover just how powerful we really are. We are creators. With what do we create? With our vision, my friends. And that makes our perspectives on things so very important. So, do come along with me, here, on a magic carpet ride into the land of envisioning, of dreaming a new world into being; of seeing with new eyes. Who knows – maybe you will awaken in the midst of it, and begin your own video (or text) blog, sharing your new vision with the world, as I am. Stranger things have happened, you know... so be open. There, that's your first look at new perspectives. Care to join me?