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Dance Recital Saturday, June 19

If you want to see the photo better, zoom in. Write down the # of the photos you want and email me at with the subject “Recital.” In the email I will give you the address for you to send the check or money to. I will make a CD of the high quality originals and leave them at Island Dance for pickup. $1.50 per photo, or 6 Photos - $8 12 Photos - $15 18 Photos - $22 24 Photos - $30 30 Photos - $36 I can also edit photos any way you would like, but depending on the editing, I may charge a little extra. Some of the things I can do is… Covert to B&W, sepia tone, monochrome color, etc. Change layout of photo: landscape to portrait, etc. Lighting effects: brightening up, darker. Edit people out, crop down to single person. Anything you want, I can do it.