Expanded Orgasm Dissertation (Patricia Taylor, PhD)

Here are key portions of my PhD Dissertation - a structured, observational study of 44 practitioners of expanded orgasm (EO), in which I explore how EO is a valid path to transcendent states of consciousness. THERE ARE FOUR DOCUMENTS HERE (part of the dissertation is NOT here - history and background relating to the topic). Each document has the same cover pages which show the title page, my contact information, and a URL to my website where you can find lots more about EO. 1. The abstract, tables, and part of the Summary/Discussion section 2. The abstract, introduction, tables, and all of the Summary/Discussion section 3. The detailed results section 4. The survey tool I used to do the study. This Dissertation was converted into PDF form in early 2000. Accordingly there are a few figures that did not convert very well or that have degraded; but these don't impact the text, logic, and flow of the document. Enjoy! Patricia Taylor, PhD ("Dr. Patti")