Created by Dale, to pay receive interest, therefore I am

This is an ongoing selection of memoirs that get read out loud at a storytelling event each Thursday night at the DogsBar, StKilda, Melbourne. They get written each week, then published on Scribd... as of 30 July each individual chapter will be sold at the event... a lot of people are asking to read previous chapters so it seems like a logical way to put a book together. LOVING the art of storytelling.... we've got a small room next to a bar, seats approx 40 people. Very intimate space to allow for ALL types of stories to be told. Structured so that a guest speaker starts the night with 15mins of storytelling, the three open mic'ers have 4-5 minutes each, we have a 15 minute break before the main storyteller takes the big leather chair for 30 minutes. It's a brilliant night and pretty easy to get started... storytellers LOVE telling stories. Have you got one happening in your home town? Maybe this could be the beginning of something global!