Created by Nancy Wait

Artists and Ascension Stories

These are stories that have been read aloud on my weekly blog talk radio show, Artists and Ascension. Every last Tuesday of the month we have a special show called R.Y.S.A. day, Read Your Stories Aloud day. It just happens to be an acronym for Rysa, the creator of an online spiritual community called The Gold Ring of Enlightenment and Abundance. It was through my friends on the Gold Ring that I learned how to do blog talk radio shows, and I feel I am also honoring them and honoring Rysa by giving a show once a month to celebrate and acknowledge those with the courage to come forward and read their stories over the air. We began with specifying that they must be stories of (spiritual) awakening. But now we are open to any story of opening to an expansion of consciousness. Of personal transformation and transcendence. By sharing our stories we hope to inspire and encourage others on their own particular journeys. It is always helpful to know that others have experienced the same thing or similar things. And by putting our experiences into words we make them more real. And thereby make ourselves more real in this process of self-acknowledgment.