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AED 201

AED/201 Class aed 201 Capstone Discussion Question aed 201 Exercise: Teacher Liability aed 201 Final Project: Professional Development Plan aed 201 WEEK 1 ONE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS aed 201 WEEK 3 THREE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS aed 201 WEEK 5 FIVE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS aed 201 WEEK 7 SEVEN DISCUSSION QUESTIONS aed 201 Assignment: Interview with a Teaching Professional aed 201 Exercise: Case Study: The Roles of a Teacher aed 201 Assignment: Characteristics of At-Risk Students aed 201 CheckPoint: History of American Education aed 201 CheckPoint: Technology Use Timeline aed 201 Assignment: Mentoring vs. Induction Programs aed 201 Exercise: Characteristics of Effective Classrooms aed 201 CheckPoint: Teaching as a Professional Career aed 201 CheckPoint: Managing a Daily Teaching Schedule aed 201 CheckPoint: Learning Needs of Diverse Students aed 201 CheckPoint: Governance and Effecting Change in Schools aed 201 Assignment: Rights & Responsibilities of Educators & Students aed 201 Week 4 CheckPoint: Socioeconomic Status and Student Achievement