PEPFAR and Peace Corps

PEPFAR was originally a treatment program, but with it's five year entitled budget voted on just before the Presidential elections; it was too good to pass up for PC. The goal is over 1,000 PCs in counties directly payed for by PEPFAR. Since PC wanted a piece of the pie and that budget and it's payment cycle; go figure who is responsible for treatment going down as the budget tripled by Congress to over 50 billion. The survey was used by PC to get funding. Federal employees(PCs are) have to do the work and do the surveys that go to Congress who approve the work and pay the employees......... This is an old way of getting funding for federal employees and agencies. It caused some problems when Congress inexperience was shown. We're still waiting on COPS, country operational plans, but this seems to not important as PEPFAR is possibly forcing countries to develop the plans and account for the money when they have to follow PEPFAR's lead; cell phone ads and office buildings instead of treatment. PEPFAR has always had a problem accounting for what it does and this makes it worse anticipating drastic cuts as what it does is not documented.