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د/أحمد خالد توفيق - ماوراء الطبيعة

ماوراء الطبيعة سلسلة روايات خيالية للكاتب المصري أحمد خالد توفيق، محورها ذكريات شخصية خيالية لطبيب أمراض دم مصري متقاعد اسمه رفعت إسماعيل حول سلسلة الحوادث الخارقة للطبيعة التي تعرض لها في حياته، بدءاً من العام 1959، أو الحكايات التي تصله من أشخاص مختلفين حول العالم، سمعوا عن علاقته بعالم الخوارق. Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa (Arabic: ما وراء الطبيعة‎) is the title of a series of horror/thriller novels written by Ahmad Khaled Towfeq. As of March 2007, 69 novels were published. Storyline : The stories are narratives, told in a first person view, where Ref'att is currently nearing seventy, and is telling tales about his adventures starting when he was in his late thirties and up. All of the events are related to the metaphysics in a way or another, and most often are caused by supernatural phenomena, although some are caused by culprits who are faking the events. Refaat usually solves the mystery, and always gets out alive whether or not he has fully understood the phenomenon. He is accompanied by many friends and characters throughout the stories, some stories are more centered around them than him, and some are totally narrated by them.