Meteor Burst Communications (MBC) Systems - US and Earth

This is public. SkyTel has similar but larger private collection for its internal staff and consultants use (non-public materials of SkyTel's and others' origin). Both collections involve SkyTel's program for US nationwide and eventually worldwide MBC-based wireless for environmental monitoring and protection on a nonprofit basis, and SkyTel's other planned applications of the same systems noted below. SkyTel plans to use its nationwide 43 and 35 MHz FCC licenses for nationwide MBC integrated with mobile and fixed mesh net wireless on its nationwide 200 and 900 MHz FCC licenses. With rare exceptions, the literature on MBC-- this piece included-- has been limited to assumptions, decades ago, no longer required. Today, modern computer processors and systems, and wireless and antenna tech, enable far more capacity and performance in MBC systems. That justifies far more spectrum (in the 35-50 MHz best MBC range) used in wide area MBC systems for fixed and mobile applications. Together, the advanced tech and greater spectrum enable nationwide and Earth planetary MBC wireless, using very long-range links, for very secure and cost effective: - US and Worldwide environmental monitoring and protection, with no substantial gaps even in most remote area. - Fixed and mobile wireless for smart transport and energy systems and other critical infrastructure. - Sub-nanosecond highly secure time synchronization over very long distances (adds security, along with Position, Navigation, and Timing applications). - TDOA and AOA Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) functions, alone and with GPS-GNSS. - One-way datacasting of N-RTK augmentation of GPS-GNSS to sub-foot levels for smart transportation (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and other purposes. - One-way datacasting of other critical information for ITS, e.g., road conditions, warnings, weather, road-side facilities, on-board GIS navigation maps updates, etc. - Other one-way and two way data, including for commercial for-profit services. - Extra wireless capacity and coverage in major emergencies.