Created by Erin Vogel

LiquidThread Reflecteur Edition

I would like to introduce you to Reflecteur. Reflecteur is a 3-page, biweekly publication with a unique focus – digital culture. It looks at what people are up to online and, more importantly why, in order to help ourselves and our clients understand and navigate human experiences. It also includes information and links for the most popular items online that week. The publication was initially launched within a single agency 2 years ago and has gained popularity among clients and brands across the VivaKi umbrella. Given this popularity, the publication is now offered as a VivaKi-wide asset, including contributors from LiquidThread. The first two pages focus on digital culture and culled from observations and contributions of the entire Reflecteur team, authored by the Reflecteur editor. The final page we will use to highlight content specifically related to LiquidThread, this may include recent solutions, campaign efforts, spotlight on new employees, or proprietary solutions. We hope you will take the time to check out each issue to stay up-to-date on the latest in the digital space. We believe Reflecteur is an important part of our intellectual property and driving force behind getting to the future, so feel free to share this broadly with you teams and anyone else you think might benefit from this in-depth look across digital culture.