Created by Bob Hurt

Shane Buczek

Shane Buczek's life turned into a mess when he flashed his apostille badge (leather wallet with big star resembling a Marshal badge) and tried to swap Liberty Dollars for refreshments at a Buffalo NY hockey game a few years ago. He went through a terrible ordeal after a crooked cop arrested him and his dad, and a crooked prosecutor worked to get them both convicted on counterfeiting charges, and Shane on impersonating a federal officer. After getting free, Shane listened to Patriot Myth Mongers and filled in a Passport application wrongly, then tried to discharge $40,000+ in credit card debt with a bonded promissory note with nothing baking it. The US Attorney won convictions on both charges in a jury trial. Shane fought tooth and nail, the judge declaring most of his pleadings "jibberish." Nevertheless, the judge also accused the DOJ employees of harassing Shane. This collection shows part of the documents related to his case.