The Environments of the Poor in the Context of Climate Change and the Green Economy : Making Sustainable Development Inclusive (New Delhi, India: 24-26 November 2010)

Poverty-environment linkages are mostly emphasized in the context of sustainable livelihoods, impact of pollution on people's health, and climate change and disaster vulnerability. The Asia-wide regional conference will add to these four dimensions: a) spatial dimensions of the environments of the poor and climate change related hazards; b) how the environments of the poor are influenced by climate change adaptation, migration, disaster resilience; c) what opportunities the green economy may bring for the poor; and d) implications for development assistance, including impact and MDG7 monitoring, financing, and program design with non-environmental solutions to environmental problems of poverty and vulnerability. The conference is a joint event by ADB and various development partners from donor organizations (ILO, JICA, UNDP/UNEP) research networks (ADBI, EEPSEA, NCAER, SANDEE, TEEB, TERI) and funding facilities and other initiatives (CDIA, GMS-EOC, APCF). In addition, AFD, and DFID and GTZ expressed their interest in participating.