Skybridge Smart Infrastructure & Environment Wireless Program: 217-222 MHz, 902-960 MHz, 35-43 MHz

[1] 217-222 MHz-Plus for US Government Railroads’ PTC, Other Wireless & Other Public Transport & Safety. (1) 150-250 kHz of spectrum in the 220-222 MHz range in most all of the US at no cost; (2) 200-500 kHz additional in 220-222 MHz in approximately 60% of the US, at low cost; (3) 500+/- kHz additional in the wider 217-222 MHz in most of the US, with some areas blocked by alleged-valid “incumbent” stations (certain legal challenges pending) by (a) access to our currently held AMTS spectrum in 217-220 MHz, and (b) by consolidation of 220-222 MHz non-adjacent 5-kHz channels into 15-kHz and wider channels: the “Skybridge 220 MHz Spectrum Consolidation Program. Modest cost expected, various others involved. Total: 500 to 1200 kHz +/- (see above) for use by government ITS, at low cost. This is practical as discussed below. 1, 2, and much of 3 above is available now. [2] 900 MHz and 35/ 43 MHz. Described below: also for ITS. The benefits of multi-band, multi-protocol ITS wireless systems is briefly discussed below. However, we focus herein on the 200 MHz due to various increasing demands for this spectrum by US government entities including metropolitan railroad agencies. Cost: As discussed below, some of the spectrum is at no cost, and additional is available at little or no cash cost and modest in-kind cost to advanced ITS in the public interest to advance Federal goals of ITS (reduction of accidents, congestion, pollution, fuel use, etc.). Applications: The ITS applications include “Positive Train Control” (“PTC”) and other wireless data and voice for train operations, and other government transportation purposes, including high-accuracy location (“HALO”) (consistent sub-foot accuracy for moving vehicles) primarily by use of corrections of GPS readings, including by use of Network RTK (“N-RTK”). Skybridge: Skybridge Spectrum Foundation is a nonprofit foundation commenced in 2007 whose assets and operations are solely to promote nationwide government purposes in smart transport, energy, environmental protection, and emergency response, by public-interest wireless and associated work. The other companies listed above donated to Skybridge substantial amounts of lower 900 MHz and lower 200 MHz FCC licensed spectrum, and provide other support, for Skybridge to proceed with its goals. There are no other entities at this time associated with Skybridge. Principal offices are in Berkeley California. Main phone - 510. 841. 2220 Warren Havens, President - Jimmy Stobaugh, GM - Mark Griffith, Operations - Skybridge is the first and only nonprofit organization in the nation with substantial FCC license assets and programs for nationwide public interest wireless.