Bhagavad Gita Verses in Slideshow Format

The verses of the Bhagavad Gita presented in SImplified Romanized Sanskrit by Dīna Anukampana Dāsa. These are especially useful for gatherings where the entire Gītā is chanted enmasse with the help of LCD projector and screen. Since the publication of my book ( in 2003, we have used the text of the book in its PDF format to project the verses on the screen, but the result was always rather small text, plus constant adjustment needed to keep the auto-scrolling in pace with the chanting. Now this new version is a great improvement - with one sloka per slide, it makes maximum use of the entire screen, so that participants sitting very far away can have a good view of the text (which is specially presented using sans serif fonts, that is fonts that have even thickness throughout and no tapering, hence are much easier to read and less strenuous on the eye.) And the projector operator does not have to continually be distracted by the auto-scrolling - he can simply tap the space bar just as the devotees recite the second last syllable of each page (we've experimented with it for years and found that this timing gives them that fraction of time needed to refocus so they won't skip a beat when the singing starts on the next verse. So for example, when the devotees are singing the last line of say the first verse of the Gītā, "ṁ sa.ñja.ya...", as they sing the second-last syllable, namely "ñja", the projector operator should tap the space bar and advance to the next slide.) Gītā Jayanti kī... jāya! [If you have difficulty downloading these files from scribd, pls download them from or from]