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Everyone must know that it has been a big burden to me when the Lord revealed to me about the lies & deceptions of the Roman Catholic church. It is not just about lies & deceptions, but the hidden rituals/history related to Satanic worship is what alarmed me the most. Everything about the Roman Catholic church is a LIE, from it's foundation & history to its doctrines & traditions passed down from generation to generation. My beloved Catholic country, there are lots of things that you should know about your church. The Roman Catholic church in Vatican has manipulated everything in Christianity as a religion. So expect that every tradition, practices & holidays is a LIE. The Vatican church has been hiding all its dark secrets & rituals in their archives and some were even burned. The Catholic church is NOT even a "Christian" church. The Roman Catholic church is a Universal Church in Rome. Please read the articles. Please start reading the Bible so you would know the TRUTH coming from Him alone & NOT by your priests & your pope, your "holy father." Even with a heavy heart, I have to expose the truth about Catholicism in this country. I just pray that the Lord would be the one to open your hearts & your minds to see the TRUTH. But it would be a heavier burden to me, if I keep everything to myself & just allow everyone to fall into Satan's pit & be led into each one's destruction. May the Lord bless & pour out His Spirit on every Catholics that would be reading the articles. May the Lord open your eyes & use you to spread the Truth to other Catholics.. I LOVE YOU BUT THE LORD LOVES YOU MORE! EVERYONE DESERVES TO KNOW THE TRUTH!