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Michael W. Ford

The author of over twelve books, Luciferian Philosophy and Magick practitioner, researcher, artist and musician Michael W. Ford is the author of numerous left hand path books including Maskim Hul - Babylonian Magick, Luciferian Witchcraft, The Bible of The Adversary, Liber HVHI - Magick of The Advedsary, Gates of Dozak - Book of The Worm, Satanic Magick - A Paradigm of Therion, First Book of Luciferian Tarot, Beginning Luciferian Magick, Book of The Witch Moon, Adamu, Magick of The Ancient Gods - Chthonic Paganism and the Left Hand Path, Rites of The Antichrist - Art of the Adversary, Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick with many more articles and out of print titles.