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The preparation of medical missionary evangelists is ever necessary. As this material is studied, you will be instructed in the areas of health assessment, and treatment of disease by natural methods, and how to blend medical missionary work with gospel ministry. By studying Christ's work as the great Medical Missionary, we will be trained to develop compassion, sympathy, and a knowledge of how to prevent the progress of disease and relieve suffering in a world that is so much in need. Such work will be a means of directing minds to the truth and will be of great efficiency in the work of gospel ministry. In the explanations of the few subjects that are introduced, I have tried to provide principles for all hoping to be medical missionaries. Now, that the task is completed, these pages are provided with the hope that they may prove a source of good in correcting wrong habits, promoting temperance, and a regard to the sacred laws implanted in our own natures, and thus bless the minds and bodies of thousands.