Created by Gordon Clark


Back in 1752, Benjamin DeCorsa was born in Normandy, France, the youngest son of Count DeCorsa who was killed by Indians as was an older brother when the boat in which they were riding was attacked. Young Benjamin was told by his father to lie flat in the bottom of the boat (a row boat) for protection, which he did till the boat was beached, then he leaped from the boat and ran into the woods where he evaded the Indians for several days but was finally captured. Because he was so fleet of foot Benjamin was adopted by the Indians and given the name ‘Racer’ which name he continued to use the rest of his life. The family in America used no other name. Benjamin lived with the tribe until he reached young manhood, then escaped with a white prisoner whom he liberated. Later Benjamin joined the British army and married the daughter of Major David Chestnor. Four children were born, two girls and two boys. In 1798 he moved to Marietta living in the stockade for a while, then moved north east of Marietta to a place known now as the Plummer farm, but then government property. The property is still owned by a great grandson, Val Racer.