Brick House Articles

by Patrick and Rebecca Childress-------------------------------------- This is a new website which is a work in progress. ----------------------The motivation is to offer our published articles and, where desirable, the original manuscripts. There can be a considerable difference between a published magazine article and the submitted unedited words. Often 3,000 words get chopped to 2,000 words to fit a particular issue. Or 2,000 words are reduced to 1,500 words. This can make for a more concise, entertaining read but often valuable information lands on the editorial floor. We feel most of our articles contain information that is not found in the popular "how to" nautical books nor in other magazine articles. Sharing these new ideas has been our motivation and why we have had a high submission/published ratio. We put together information after observing and living the experiences we write about. Technical articles must be correct. Before submitting a technical article about chart plotters, refrigeration systems, or feathering propellers, for example, we have a technician from the company mentioned review the article for accuracy. Despite great effort by all involved, in the long editorial process, where there are many hands in the mix, errors occasionally do slip into an article. This is our chance to correct those published items we feel should be clarified. Hopefully the easy access to these articles and the unedited versions we choose to offer will make the outfitting of your cruising sailboat a smooth process. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sincerely, Patrick and Rebecca Childress