Created by Gregg D'Albert

Female Front

FEMALE FRONT was the name of the internet radio station and companion website/blog that I ran from 2001-2006 [the station was originally titled ESTROGENIUS]. FEMALE FRONT was dedicated to playing and promoting only female artists and vocalists, mostly from the genre of Indie-Pop, but also from many other genres including Rock and Electronica. The website and blog were the home of album reviews and articles written by me. Starting in 2005, I moved the blog from private hosting to Google's "Blogger" service at, and shut down the website. Thanks to the Internet Archive, I have retrieved the reviews that were posted at the now-defunct website prior to moving to Blogger, and present them here for the amusement & bemusement of all. Due to limitations of the Internet Archive, some of the accompanying photos & artwork from the articles were unable to be retrieved. All of the post-Blogger material is still available at the above-referenced web address.