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Be It Known for and on the Record for All

October 20, 2010 Caveat Lector Be it known for and on the permanent record for all; To, and for respondents: William J. Richards, WILLIAM J. RICHARDS, CO: [46th JUDICIAL, DISTRICT] Allan I. Glass, [ALLEN I. GLASS], [FRANKLIN POLICE DEMARTMENT/VILLAGE OF FRANKLIN], W. Castro, [W. CASTRO], B. Crane, K. Crane, [K. CRANE], S. Goulet, [S. GOULET], Phillip Schmitt, [PHILLIP SCHMITT], [OAKLAND COUNTY], [STATE OF MICHIGAN] CO: [46th JUDICIAL, DISTRICT]Vitiate [46th JUDICIAL, DISTRICT RECORD]: [09FV00354A] Lawrence: DeSchilde, of the family Jackson©Œ, Affiant, in and by, self defense attests: Motion for Summary Judgment Res Judicata In the Common Law Court of Michigan