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2010 Fish Sampling

Fisheries biologists use a variety of methods to sample fish populations across Nebraska, including electrofishing for largemouth bass, trap nets for bluegill and crappie, and gill nets for walleye, white bass, and channel catfish. Fish populations are sampled at most major reservoirs every year, while smaller waters are sampled less often. Results are provided on this web site HTTP://OUTDOORNEBRASKA.NE.GOV/FISHING/PROGRAMS/SAMPLING/DEFAULT.ASP so that anglers can compare lakes statewide, and determine trends at specific sites. Graphs are used to display fish sampling information, and show total catch rates divided by different length categories. The statewide graphs show information for major fish species at waters sampled the previous year. Graphs for individual waters show trend information for species at that lake over the past 5 to 10 years. Sampling can be influenced by a variety of factors, most notable weather. However, the sampling results provide anglers with at least a ballpark idea of fish abundance and sizes at various locations. If you don't find your favorite fishing hole in these graphs, it's because not every lake is sampled each year. Also, even if a lake shows high densities of fish or not, it's still up to the angler to be in the right place at the right time and use the right techniques to catch fish.