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Lawsuit: CREW v. U.S. Department of Education: Opposition to Department of Education’s Motion for Summary Judgment: 3/17/11

On March 17, 2011, CREW filed a brief in opposition to the Education Department’s motion for summary judgment in CREW v. Dep’t of Education (D.D.C.), CREW’s FOIA lawsuit seeking records of communications between Education officials and outside individuals and entities regarding the agency’s regulation of for-profit education institutions. Claiming it had located and produced all non-exempt records, Education asked the court to enter an order of final judgment for Education. In opposition, CREW pointed out Education’s failure to locate a number of key documents known to exist, Education’s failure to search the records of many key Education officials and offices within the agency, and Education’s suspicious last-minute discovery, with no explanation, of nearly 200 pages of emails, several of which are highly incriminating and suggest collusion between Education officials and Wall Street investors seeking to profit by shorting the stocks of for-profit education companies.