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PerformanceExchange "connecting quality clicks to conversions"

Real-Time CPC Exchange for Performance Marketing " connecting quality clicks to conversions" MediaTrust's new PerformanceExchange (MTPX) connects advertisers with prospective new customers via our innovative proprietary real-time bid exchange. Using MTPX, quality clicks are connected to conversions. Our proprietary algorithms optimize based on performance by serving ads with the highest probability to convert. This innovative technology enables us to provide the highest ROI for both our publishers and advertisers. The winning ads are dynamically generated and the subsequent click is priced and routed appropriately based on real-time bids and click quality metrics. All clicks are reviewed and routed through our internal performance filtering system, ensuring advertisers pay only for quality consumers delivered to their landing page and giving publishers in-depth reporting on how to optimize their traffic quality ROI. All clicks are not created equal! At MediaTrust we believe in quality Pay for Performance. We understand Performance marketing and we know it doesn't make sense to have to lump all traffic together like those bigger CPC companies. Our innovative platform and dedicated publisher & advertiser partnership teams are here to provide you with the highest quality traffic and content, no blending required. Read more: