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The Illegal Bankruptcy Court Wiretap Orders — Illegal under the Wiretap Act (Title III) and Florida State Wiretap Laws

This collection of the most amazing federal wiretap orders ever issued in a federal court were kept secret for years. A bankruptcy court issued them during some of the most bizarre hearings — an amalgam of secret trial and wiretap hearings (most without a court reporter). No bankruptcy court had ever (at least has been known to) issue a Title 3 ("Wiretap Act") order. The orders themselves are — by their very terms, how implemented, and how the results were used — in complete disregard for virtually every protection offered to U.S. Citizens under Title 3. Bear Stearns was the ultimate, secret recipient of the tapes and other law enforcement materials — in violation of serious federal criminal statutes. Paul Singerman of Berger Singerman confessed that his firm was instrumental and knew of the illegal passing of protected law enforcement tapes to Bear Stearns. Juval Aviv was instrumental in obtaining the tapes and other materials. View these orders in conjunction with the only existing transcripts of a few of the secret hearings (most had no court reporter present) to understand the full scope of what was taking place.