The Yu'shaa Jedi

When Osun’oya became an adult, Auset told her that her training was complete, and that she needed to find true Jedi to further her training. Osun’oya accepted her grandmother recommendations and prepared her “organic ship” to meet the Jedi on the planet Ossus. As she left, Osun’oya sensed that her grandmother, Auset who had seen several wars, suffered great amounts of physical pain and lived a long life, had died and became one with the Force. She did not dwell on the mourning of her grandmother, Auset, for her life was for the Gods and the Force. Driven by her Izai, or promise she made to Auset, she landed on planet Ossus to request to be trained and join the Jedi, under one condition: She had to go to the Sith planet, Rhelg to tell her mother, Yemaja that Auset had died. [RETCON] It was on Ossus that she first met, the Ganner Rhysode, and she found him to be bothered that the Jedi would consider allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to inhabit and Vongform the planet. She suppressed her extensive knowledge of the Yuuzhan Vong because she was resentful for what they did to her grandmother and her mother Yemaja, and she was taught to never reveal her true bloodlines – or lest she would be shamed. Being fearful that he would probe her mind, she speaks cryptically to Grandmaster Luke Skywalker. In his infinite wisdom, he tells Ganner Rhysode to assess her while she ties up loose ends. Bemused, he follows the Grandmaster’s wishes never relaying that his Force Senses about her were odd and he chose not dwell on it. Ganner Rhysode was rebuilt to his original self by the Yuuzhan Vong Master Shapers and Warriors after the battle at the World Well. Because of his great powers in the Force, he became one with it, but he was also able to use it to bring himself back to life, healing his body through a novel form Force Revitalize that he developed. The Master Shapers, Warriors and some Shamed Ones who believed in the Jeedai Heresy that witnessed his “demise” and “resurrection” were mostly Quorrealists sympathizers and immediately assisted in the full recovery of Ganner Rhysode. They knew that if they assisted him they would be considered as heretics of the Great Doctrine, which punishable by a shameful death. They help evacuated him off Coruscant and escorted him to the Jedi Academy at Ossus. When Jedi noticed his miraculous recovery, some wondered if he was a cloned spy of the Yuuzhan Vong. But it was established that his midichlorian levels were higher than ever before, which baffled the med droids. Cautiously, Grandmaster Luke Skywalker welcomed him and asked him to train new Jedi in the hopes of giving him a padawan. When Osun’oya appeared, it would be Ganner’s first chance to prove his true identity.