Nina Karen Howard

These are files related to the felon drug abuser Nina Karen Howard and her involvement as a childcare provider to two small children experiencing unusual injuries and medical problems that concerned their father greatly. He reported to CPS how it appeared that Nina Karen Howard was using drugs and showed up in the children's lives around the time they started experiencing many problems. CPS refused to run a background check on Nina Karen Howard. The problems continued. The father filed a complaint against CPS which was found to be with merit. Meanwhile, the mother made more and more false allegations against him. CPS retaliated against him. Then he found out that Nina Karen Howard had died from a fentanyl overdose the week after suddenly moving out of the ex-wife's home halfway through a paid month of rent. The mother, CPS, police, and courts have all acted in concert to hide any mention of Nina Karen Howard as they continue to persecute the father and reward the mother's false allegations and abusive behaviors.