Created by Chantal Boudreau

When You Whisper

My 15th novel - The full 20 chapters will be public until June 15th (2012) only - after which only the first 5 will remain public. Summary: An urban romantic fantasy - He first appeared to Addy as merely a shifting of shadows and a few quiet words, to lend her the strength to survive her alcoholic father's abuse. When Addy finally took action that drew her and her younger sister, Felicia, out of the family home and into foster care, she began to hear his whispers concretely and see him as visions, inspiring her to avoid a potential self-made prison. Becoming a youth counsellor working with troubled teens, the sightings begin to grow more common and more vivid. She can hear him clearly at times, more than just whispers - usually the times where she is in the greatest amount of danger. Who is this angellic figure, Javan, and why does he continue to appear to her and refer to her as one of the Elect? Better yet, is he real, or is she just going mad?