Created by Gary Gabriel

Internet Messaging Mozilla. Sales Cycle Management. Strategic Business Development.

Internet Messaging fuses the Internet Browser and E-mail to process incoming contacts expediently without duplicating entry and with optimized resources. It organizes research resources for development and flow into projects. Through automation of To-Do Processing, Actioning and Issue Resolution it supports the team in timely goal accomplishment. The following articles detail a path starting with the implementation of Internet Messaging and using it as the basis for building 4 aggregates to drive Strategic Business Development and Sales Cycle Management. Derive your own insights by considering What is the Message Cycle and how does it avoid frictional losses within team communication? How can seamless Internet Messaging support the flexibility and adaptation of the team to market requirements? How can the browser and e-mail improve team flexibility and adaptability in meeting goals? What potential does the flow of information assets from contacts to knowledge bases, educational systems and technical support systems unlock and how can it be realized?