Created by Gary Gabriel

Proof of Concept for the qualification of Information Resource flow from Internet Messaging to support and promote Sales Cycle Management.

Ulam's Spiral processes model Search Session Threading. In the Internet Message Cycle these processes feed from typical document and team information flow at the Single Point of Entry. The benefit of this entry point is the combination and unification of information sources for use in the aggregates fueling Sales Cycle Management. Establishing the data objects and transactions flowing from this entry point defines the foundation and constructs building blocks. Further definitions state not only the data objects or entities but formulate the data structures. Inserting the building blocks in transactions binds processes to proficiently store and retrieve Information Resources to conceptualize and construct project solutions. Stored in a Team Database; Sales Cycle Management Objects and entities contain resources and contribute to the processes to ensure adequate team support. Internet Messaging feeds the team database and provides a concept to help ensure achievement of Sales Cycle Management targets. Taking the next step from a theoretical model; the prototype implementation proves the benefits of implementation and further development. It demonstrates threading web sessions and insertion into the process of qualifying information contacts.