Created by Jonah Orange

Chess Graphing with 9Types system

New Chess training theory. Made up by Me, Jonah Orange. I think this way of looking at chess from a streamline view is important. If I had pgn on my opponent I could graph all the data I have on him and beat him before I even play him. How this works is. OSPD and the numbers 1-4. Every chess game has offensive, set-up, position, and defense moves. You can exploit every defensive move with offensive moves. etc... If you have a tendency to make bad moves in the opening game. This system will teach you how to stay confident and keep your strategic advantage score low .~low is good~ 1pt for offensive/ 4pts for defensive. The object is to keep the score lower than your opponent. If your opponents first 10 moves are positional then his score is 30, If your first 8 moves are positional and the next two are offensive then your score is 28. Therefore by this strategy you are ahead by 2points at move 10. When your 2pt advantage becomes 6 or higher. You can Start thinking about checkmate, Trading pieces, or overloading pieces, defending king. Its called 9Types System because there are actually 9 types of moves. But I really Sum the types in to 4 catigories. The other 5 are sub-types or mixed types.