Created by Chris Gordon

JuJitsu - (The Gentle Art)

Ju-jitsu (jujutsu, Jiu-jitsu, Ju-jitsu) is above all a practical, defensive martial art. At its core is the principle that aggression can be overcome by seeming to yield to it, by using an attacker’s strength, size and momentum to a defender’s advantage. Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes can therefore become very good at it. Training is gradual, but as you progress through the belt structure you will learn to defend yourself against increasingly demanding armed and unarmed attacks, using a system of throws, locks and strikes. Jitsu’s practicality consists partly in learning techniques by practicing them together, and this requires a particular kind of trust. The atmosphere in Ju-jitsu clubs is therefore very friendly, and there is often a vibrant social life off the mat.