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When Tvtropes decided to close down Troper Tales, Internet denizens lamented the loss of a medium where they can share non-fictional, self-congratulating and absolutely believable stories of themselves. Such stories range from the awesome sarcastic quip at a popular girl which causes the whole classroom to explode into applause, the trenchcoat which when taken off will turn a nerdy little twerp into a massively angry powerful anime, the dream where someone inexplicably wears a Hawaiian t-shirt, and amazing adventures of valour and courage during a tabletop game (or Fallout: New Vegas). And that's not including the creepy ones like the guy who "accidentally" drinks from his teacher's tumbler so he could "steal a kiss remotely", or the one who thinks all girls commuting in trains in Japan secretly want to be groped. Fortunately, Tropers have taken upon themselves to archive them, and here we are: 15 PDFs of so many words expressing so little meaning. Statistics: 3,342 tropes 14,203 pages 7,518,936 words 4 years (2008-2011 and growing) Comparison: War and Peace: 560,000 words Artamène: 2,100,000 words