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Tina Anderson Story - Back Up Files

Back up copies of news articles. Story of Tina Anderson: raped and impregnated by IFB church member. Made to confess her role in a "compromising situation" by the IFB pastor in front of congregation as part of church discipline meeting. Sent away to have baby, forced to give baby up for adoption; allowed to choose from list of families provided by the pastor. Rapist finally charged and convicted 14 years after the crime. Later Bob Jones University would enter the news story because leadership insisted Chuck Phelps did nothing wrong and allowed him to be on the board. Tags: Tina Anderson, IFB abuse, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, child abuse, Chuck Phelps, Trinity Baptist Church, Ernie Willis, Ernest Willis, church abuse, Matt Olson, Bob Jones University, William Senn, Bob Jones III, Stephen Jones, Marshall Franklin