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Elizabeth Hata Watanabe - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

Records, Court Filings and other documents regarding the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filed by Elizabeth C. Watanabe (aka Elizabeth Hata Watanabe) in US Bankruptcy Court, Hawaii, June 14, 2011. Watanabe had been the organizer, member and manager of the terminated EHW, LLC (dba O Lounge or Oh Lounge) and the terminated EHW-II, LLC (dba Harbor Court Bistro); was the founder of the Hata Foundation, a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit affiliated with "Hawaii's Big Deal: Poker Tournament," a reality TV show airing on KHON in Honolulu, and which she serves as Director and steward/caretaker; and Citizens for a Better Way, LLC, a company registered with the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs on April 1, 2011, and in which she is the only member and its manager.