Crippled Creativity

CRIPPLED CREATIVITY The hypothesis describes the correlation between empty linguistic organism and human malleability. That is, according to this hypothesis, linguistic creativity is crippled by the outside sociality and mental linguistic algorithm is controlled by social rules. I call this interface as  -( psi or psycho-social) property. These -Property reasserts that the being is always in the being-in-the-(social)world as well as being-for-others. Let me formulate this position: Chomsky: Context free ideal creative speaking subject with zero History Sed contra: Context-sensitive creative speaking corporeal with history…. (the term creative[in the Chomskyan sense of the term]is kept under erasure because creativity is a presence as well as an absence) NEOLOGISM: Psi-properties. Some Of My Papers on “Crippled Creativity Hypothesis”: 1. 1996. “A Dialogue on Linguistic Creativity”. Aligarh Journal of Linguistics Vol. V, No.1. (pp.72-64) Aligarh. 2. 1996”The Crippled Creativity- A Brief Theoretical Perspective.” International Journal of Communications. Vol. VIII, No.1-2. (pp.93-103). Delhi. 3. 1997. “Towards a Praxis of Anti-Grammar.” Philosophy and Social Action. Vol.23, No.1 (pp.33-42). Jan-March ‘97. Delhi. 4. 1997. “Chomsky and Habermas via Nyaya Theory of Debating”. Language Forum. XXIII:1-2 (pp. 115-123).Delhi. 5. 1997. “A Dilogue on Computational and Chomskian Linguistics”. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics. Vol .XXIII, No.2 (pp.29-42). Delhi. 6. 1997d. “Towards a New Word Order” Philosophy and Social Action. Vol.23:4(pp.19-27) Delhi. 7. 1999f“Modern Linguistics: An Obituary” Linguistics Today. Vol.11,No.1(pp.57-81) Aligarh. 8. 2001. “(M)Other Tongue Syndrome: From Breast To Bottle.” Kumar, R. ed. Studies in Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics.(pp. 87-106) Hyderabad: Booklinks. 9. 2001. “Psi-Properties: Language, Psyche and Society.” Indian Journal of Linguistics. XIX :1-2 (pp .36--46). Kolkata. 10. 2001c. Linguistic Terrorism: An Interruption into the Kamtapuri Language Movement. Kolkata: Rabindrabharati University. 11. 2003. “Creative Cogito and Disturbed Corporeal” Language and Cognition. Department of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University and Department of Philosophy, Bethune College. (pp. 1-41) 12. 2006 “Linguistic Cybercolonization” Globalization, Language, Culture and media. Eds. B.N.Patnaik, S.I.Hasnain, Simla Institute of Advanced Studies.(pp.146-187)ISBN81-7986-061-2 Seminar Papers: 1. 2006. “Crippled Creativity: Language, Psyche, Society”. Seminar in connection with Freud’s 150 years’ birthday celebration. Dept. of Clinical Psychology. University of Calcutta. 9/11/06(INVITED) 2. 2002. “Disturbed corporeal and simulated Cogito ”, A seminar on “Language and Cognition” organized by UGC, Department of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University and Department of Philosophy, Bethune College. (INVITED) 3. 2000.“Man, Machine and Creativity.” Department of Philosophy, Rabindrabharati University. (INVITED) 4. 1999. ‘Psi-Properties: Language, Psyche and Society”. 2nd International Conference on South Asian Languages, Patiala. 8-10 January, 1999. 5. 1997.“Linguistic Creativity, Institutions and Linguistic Human Right”. International Conference on South Asian Language Analysis-97, Jawharlal Nehru University.Delhi,6-9 January, 1997. 6. 1996.“Sustainable Creativity: An Agenda for Planning from Below.” Indian Social Science Congress, Allahabad, 11-14 March, 1996. 7. 1993. “Crippled Creativity”. Social Science Congress. Bangalore. 10-15 August, 1993